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At the heart of every construction project lie the materials.

Whether the project is a new housing development, a school, a hospital or any other type of building compliance of the materials to set standards is key to safety, performance and cost control.  Without evidence of compliance there is only doubt.

Our construction materials testing services help bring certainty to material conformance, safety, performance and application, giving you accurate and independent information at every stage of your project.

We work with a clear understanding of your need to balance quality with speed of delivery and cost-efficiency, ensuring that you can continue to meet your obligations within the project cycle.
Our main areas of materials testing are:

  • Fresh & hardened concrete for new build
  • Hardened concrete investigation for existing structures
  • Aggregates for earthworks or concrete
  • Dimension stone and stone cladding
  • Testing of pile mats and crane pad foundations
  • Recycled materials
  • Demolition materials
  • Bituminous materials
  • Lime and Cement Stabilised Soils
  • Soils, Earthworks and Landfill testing including nuclear density, plate bearing and CBR testing

For these types of materials we can offer:

  • Laboratory and site based testing
  • Site laboratories
  • Specification review and consultancy
  • Quality assurance and quality control testing
  • Compliance testing

Contact us, and let us work on a cost-effective solution for you.