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Our commitment to quality is backed up by our accreditations.

Confidence in our technical ability is essential to our clients, their clients and end users. Trust is placed in our services often before consideration is given to the regulations and standards against which our services are provided. We ensure this trust is well placed by providing evidence that we meet national standards of competence through independent accreditation of our services, which is provided by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Companies big and small use testing services either through choice to reduce the risk of material failure, for example, or as a consequence of contractual requirements, such as evidence of compliance.

Too many companies run the risk of undermining their long-term success by purchasing testing services from companies with limited experience, insufficient technical ability and no accreditation. Using Eurotest solves all those hurdles.

Some of the benefits of our service combined with our accreditation, are:

  • Due diligence; using a UKAS accredited laboratory to carry out independent testing helps demonstrate due diligence in the event of legal action
  • As an accredited laboratory we are a superb source of impartial advice and knowledge.
It has been said by an industry insider that: “It is important that those in the business community have a good awareness and understanding of the benefits that accreditation can offer.”

View the UKAS accreditation schedule for Eurotest.