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Encompassing publicly funded projects in Construction and Civil Engineering, we hold a wealth of experience in delivering testing solutions to projects in areas such as water supply, sewerage and transport.

Services at a glance:

  • Rapid determinations of soils and fill settlement
  • Pre construction geotechnical testing to support foundation design including shear strengths
  • Slip form concrete compliance testing
  • Testing of piles and materials to form piles
  • Hydraulically bound materials testing and assessment
  • Site laboratory provision for remote or restricted access sites
  • 24 hour/day 365 days/year attendance for scheduled or emergency attendance for testing to support the construction process
  • Testing of recycled materials from demolition
  • Construction materials evaluation and consultancy and construction stage quality assurance
  • Existing structure materials investigations

Government funded projects often call for the latest levels of laboratory accreditation, which we hold, together with specifications demanding the latest test methods to save time and money which we regularly provide.

Get in touch to allow us to put a bespoke testing plan together to cover all elements of the construction phase.