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How soon will you be able to get to my site?

We pride ourselves on our rapid response and should be able to get to your site the next day if needed. Of course, the greater the amount of notice, the better we can align with your needs.

After the tests are finished how quickly will I get my report?

Using our e-reporting system you will have your test reports the day the testing is completed. For some site works we can also report results before the technician leaves your site.

What if I need a quicker turnaround than normal?

We would be pleased to see how we could help. We have plenty of resource and capability that could help in getting your work through more quickly than you might have expected.

My project is a long way from your central laboratory. Would you still be interested in doing the work?

We can provide testing services just about anywhere in the UK and be as competitive as your most local provider so please don’t hesitate to call upon us.

Do you hire equipment without operators?

Yes, we hire lots of equipment such as shear vanes, Schmidt hammers, cube moulds, dynamic cone penetrometers and such like. Of course if you need an operator as well then we are happy to supply this to.

I need a seconded technician for one of my projects, is this something you can provide?

Our technical staff are available for secondment for your longer term projects. They are all fully trained and we will match the best staff member to your testing needs.

Do you provide a sample collection service?

Yes, we do. Based on the number and frequency of samples you have to collect we can offer a very competitive collection service, often free of charge! Our collection vehicles span the length and breadth of the country and can often collect the same day or next day.

I think my project may need a small site laboratory, is this something you can advise on?

As experts in our field, we can produce a cost/benefit analysis for the use of a dedicated site laboratory so your decision to use one can be based on objective fact. If you decide to use one then we would be happy to provide it, including the temporary building, equipment, staffing, management and accreditation, tailored to suit the needs of your project and budget.