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Based in the industrial heartland of the UK, we are well placed to serve this sector and have done so for many high value industrial investments including Jaguar Land Rover and Europe’s largest dairy.

Testing requirements can be varied and complex and we are well resourced and experienced to provide this. Traditional types of testing that we can offer include:

  • Warehouse flooring testing including bearing capacity testing on groundwork by plate bearing or CBR.
  • Fresh & hardened concrete testing for new build
  • Bituminous materials for paved areas
  • Lime and Cement Stabilised Soils for under slab soil treatment
  • Testing of existing demolition materials for reuse
  • Testing of piling concrete for foundations
  • Dimension stone and stone cladding

We can tailor a cost-effective solution for you, combining visits for various types of testing, for example, to save you money.