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As the investment in renewable energy infrastructure grows, then so does Eurotest’s capability to service the testing needs of these projects.

Our scope of services is broad, borrowing techniques and know how from our more tradional sectors, but updating this provision to suite new materials and processes.

Typical projects we will be involved in include on shore and off shore wind, tidal and wave projects.  Our matching services include:-

  • Geotechnical testing of offshore samples for classification and strength properties
  • Wind turbine base compaction monitoring
  • Quality assurance of concrete for wind turbine bases
  • Methodologies of test to determine Ev values
  • Quality assurance and quality control testing of all construction materials based on site

Our plans cover types of tests and frequencies of test based on the risk of material failure and its consequences, all tied into cost restraints.

Get in touch to allow us to put a bespoke testing plan together to cover all elements of the construction phase.