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Eurotest Gains UKAS Accreditation for On-Site Plate Load Testing

Responding to client demand, we have successfully added plate loading tests and equivalent CBR determinations to our scope of UKAS accredited tests.  This follows on from our successful UKAS surveillance visit held this month.

The plate loading test is very useful for contractors, designers and piling companies to check potential settlement of crane pads under full load before the crane is sited.

Our equivalent CBR value testing will prove invaluable to contractors and consultants who wish to measure insitu CBR values but struggle to do so because of the presence of coarse grained subgrade.  Our test, compliant with the Specification for Highway Works Interim Advice Note (IAN) 73/06 and Design Guidance for Road Pavement Foundations HD25, can measure insitu CBR values for almost any material.

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