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An Ingenious Solution to an Age Old Problem

A traditional issue with testing soils for compliance in large earth-moving projects has always been the need for test results to be available very quickly so that unsuitable materials are rapidly identified. Rapid on-site tests can be specified such as dry density determinations by nuclear methods and moisture condition value (MCV) testing, but these can leave the Engineer without key mechanical properties such as optimum moisture content and shear strength being conducted on a regular basis.

Determined to tackle this issue, Eurotest collaborated with our key clients to reduce sample handling and preparation times for key tests such as optimum moisture content and recompacted triaxial shear strengths by designing and building bespoke apparatus which reduces sample preparation times of stiff clays by some 80%. These time savings have then been passed onto our clients allowing them to save money by indentifying unsuitable materials more rapidly than before.

Please get in contact if you would like to know more or would like your project to benefit from a proactive approach to old problems.